Empowering a hero

We at Hero Tech. feel it is only right to empower people who are real life Heroes making a difference in communities all around the world.

Our western world is extremely focused on consumerism and many of us make a living through this economic order - whether we see it as right, wrong or ok - we all buy things, and now with Hero products, you can partner with real Heroes.

So when you see this icon on or inside a Hero package, you can be sure a portion of the price you paid will go to something important and worth while.  

"it is more blessed to give, than to receive"  Acts 20:35

Ruth Elliot (pictures right) and the "Daughters of Cambodia" organisation - Rescuing victims of Sex Trafficing and Slavery into fair trade production of consumer goods based in Cambodia. Visit www.daughtersofcambodia.org for more info or to make a donation.